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Become a Sponsor

One of the primary ways that GSM India is able to continue the mission is through the generous, on-going financial support of people just like you. By investing what you may spend at a restaurant with your family, you’ll be making a significant impact in the life of an orphaned child, disabled Elderly person, or GSM India pastor. Without your support, most of these men, women, and children would not have the basic necessities of life.

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To become a sponsor, click on the appropriate button, and you’ll be asked to enter your payment information. This tax-deductible amount will be charged to your credit card each month. If you’d rather mail a monthly or yearly check, feel free to goodsamaritanmission.india@gmail.com   mail it to GSM India directly.

Sponsor an Orphaned Child - $25 a month

By investing $25 a month, you’ll be providing shelter, food, clothing, and education for a young boy or girl who lives in one of the GOOD SAMARITAN Orphanages. We’ll send you the name and photo of your child, and you’ll have satisfaction in knowing that you’re making a significant impact.

Sponsor a Destitute Elder $30

By investing $30 a month, you’ll be providing shelter, food, clothing, and medical support for a destitute Elder who lives in one of our GOOD SAMARITAN Elderly Homes. We’ll send you the name and details of your granny or grand pa, and you’ll have the satisfaction in knowing how you’re making a significant impact in the life of a matured folk.

Sponsor a Pastor’s Family - $50 a month

By investing $50 a month, you’ll be contributing toward the shelter, food, and clothing for a GSM India pastor and their family. We’ll send you the name and photo of the pastor, and you’ll have satisfaction in knowing that you’re helping a pastor introduce people to Jesus in an entire village.

Sponsor a Bible College Student - $40 a month

By investing $40 a month, you’ll be providing shelter, food, clothing, and education for a Bible College student who lives and studies at one of the GSM India Bible Colleges. We’ll send you the name and photo of your student, and you’ll have satisfaction in knowing that you’re helping to prepare a pastor to be sent out into a village in need of the message of God’s love.

HIV/AIDS Person $40

The greatest impact of HIV in India is on young people. In their childhood, they get little emotional and material support and they often have to start playing roles that are usually expected from adults. In many families, they play the adult role of maintaining the house and sometimes even trying to provide an income. Most of them play some nursing role and directly look after the parents who are ill. Older children also play the parent role to their younger siblings. When parents die, these very small children are often taken in by relatives. Finally these children end up living on the streets or barely surviving in very impoverished homes.

GSM India cares for the children affected and abandoned by HIV/AIDS. We bring all these children under one roof by providing them quality shelter, food, medical care, clothing, education, and Love. It covers children whose parents are ill or have died as well as children living with HIV/AIDS. We provide Anti-retro viral medicine to the parents, as well kids, who are affected by this virus.

Emergency Relief Funds

Recent floods have caused much devastation across the state of Andhra Pradesh. At least 170 villages have been under water and many are fighting for survival as corpses of both people and animals have been seen floating in the waters. When the deadly Cyclone and Heavy floods sweep away homes and livelihoods, leaving children & families homeless, hungry, and distraught.

Over 200,000 people have left the area in search of dry ground as reservoirs are full and being diverted to other waterways to protect as many villages as possible. Unfortunately, many people are not heeding the evacuation warnings until it is too late - resulting in the need to be rescued from trees and rooftops. As they are being rescued, they often watch their clothing, utensils, and other household goods being washed away. In addition, many farmers have completely lost their crops in the process.

Hundreds of injured and traumatized children and families experienced the horrors of hunger, homelessness, exposure to disease, and even the loss of loved ones. They are struggling to put their lives back together.

GSM India Gives Food & Essential commodities in more than 10 Flood Effected villages
Emergency relief camps have been put into place, and the local government is doing what they can to help. With limited resources and lack of contacts to help them respond quickly, they have reached out to GSM India for emergency food and blankets. To date, GSM India has distributed food & essential commodities in more than 10 Flood Effected Villages.

Our gift of a Family Survival Kit (Rice 10Kg + Oil 2kg + Blanket 1 + Onions 2Kg + Salt 1Kg + Soaps + Primary Medicine) will keep a family sustained for 1 week. The focus is on helping people survive and find a place of safety. GSM India also helping these flood victims in rebuilding their houses by supplying cement, Iron & other material. The government is currently estimating that $2,000,000 in support is needed to fund the relief operation.

The need is great.
Our GSM India team stepped up rescue and relief operations in the midst of facing the big challenge of this disaster and seeking financial support for an emergency relief response.
GSM India needs your help and prayers to support the recovery efforts in flooded villages in South India, to emergencies, rushing life-saving supplies such as food, clean water, blankets, temporary shelter, and more to answer the urgent needs of suffering children and families
Please open your heart today with generous prayers and support.

Donate now

We thank you in advance for your prayers and generous support, which will make an eternal difference in the lives of needy people.
GSM India exists through the generous donations of families and individuals just like you. Your financial investment is carefully invested in people and projects as we spread the loving message of Jesus. Although you can sponsor a child, a destitute Elder. Bible college student, or a pastor’s family, your loving donations will show your support to our mission to transform life’s of needy people both spiritually and physically for the Glory of God. The GSM India monthly operating budget is sustained through monthly giving to the general fund. This budget provides for our staff, evangelistic crusades, elderly homes, HIV/AIDS ministry, medical ministry, and much more.
GSM India is a non-governmental organization in India. At the end of the calendar year, we will provide you with a giving statement to be utilized for tax purposes.

1. Donate Online

If you’d like to make a one-time donation in the amount of your choice online, click “make a donation” now. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

2. Donate Via Mail

To send a donation, mail a check to…
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